#SnippetSunday “Her deep blue eyes were like a magnet” #Romancebooks #love #amwriting

Happy Sunday. I’ve moved on from my Tassie story and would like to introduce you to yet another Alinta Bay couple. Jonah and Rachel.
Enjoy ♥

“Are you okay?”
As soon as the words had left his lips he cursed himself for such a stupid question. Of course she wasn’t. Judging by her shaking hands and the erratic breathing she was far from being okay.
Gently, he place his hand over hers and as calm as possible, he introduced himself. “I’m Jonah. Please let me be your friend until we get out of here.”
Hesitantly, she lifted her head and met his gaze. Ever so slowly a small smile crossed her face. “Nice meeting you, Jonah, although it would’ve been nicer under different circumstances.” Her voice was nothing more than a whisper. She blew out a long breath and said, this time with more spark, “I’m Maddie, by the way.”
“Nice meeting you.”
Her deep blue eyes were like a magnet and he couldn’t help himself but stare … until she clicked her fingers in front of his eyes.
“Earth to Jonah.”
He shook his head slightly. “Apologies.”
“I said, I hope the local police didn’t upset a retiree by just giving him the traditional golden watch.”

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