#LGBTQ romance – #shortstory, dark, and complex “The Pink Triangle” by Tiffanie Good ~ @sigridmac1


Kari and Lizzie are best friends, even though Lizzie is two years younger, introverted, and prone to sarcasm. Lizzie is Kari’s rock, her confidant, and her reality check; Kari can’t imagine life without her.
Once they reach college, the unthinkable occurs: they both fall for the same woman. Lizzie falls in love with April and they quickly become an item. Despite her solid relationship with Jack, bisexual Kari also lusts madly for the angelic April, a desire that she desperately tries to hide from Lizzie.
Kari has never had an adult sexual experience with a woman. She is a risk taker and a thrill-seeker, and has been drinking too much for years. Struggling with impulse control and loyalty to Lizzie, Kari finds herself alone with her best friend’s girl one night. Will Kari be able to contain her passion?

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5 STAR REVIEW (Amazon):

This is the story of Kari, a young woman who is living in the moment and caught up in drugs and alcohol. She is trying desperately to find her identity and where she fits into society. When she is smitten with another woman she’s torn between what is taboo and what is considered normal. Giving in to impulse only adds to her dilemma.
Will Kari ever find happiness or will she spend the rest of her life alone and confused?