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Hi everyone –
I’m sharing another snippet from FRESH BEGINNINGS,
a story this is mainly set in the USA and follows our itinerary
when we travelled through five States in a motorhome a few years ago.
Today’s snippet is back in Jared’s POV.

 Enjoy ♥♥

This week’s Hook …

Jared’s day in Las Vegas was more or less uneventful. After breakfast and half an hour to get acquainted with the motorhome a little more, he strolled down the streets of Sin City. The place didn’t overly excite him, but he took in the bright colours and the constant stream of people moving past him. It was a vibrant atmosphere. Bigger and shinier was the motto, it seemed. The hotels were extravagant and the shops were a mix of touristy things or expensive brand articles. Occasionally, he stopped to watch the world go by and, although he would’ve never admitted it, at some stage he was seriously lost in one of the big casinos. There wasn’t much else for him to see in this town so he decided to move on the next day.

One lesson learnt. Hobart’s number of tourists was nothing compared to Las Vegas which made him chuckle at his own naïve knowledge of the world.

Jared returned to the motorhome very late that afternoon. While getting his dinner organised, a vibration in his pocket alerted him to a phone call. With his brows raised in surprise, he retrieved his phone to check the incoming call. He usually had the phone switched on, but only to get a hang of the time difference and to check the time. The old wristwatch had landed in the drawer years ago becoming too inconvenient to wear while working outside. He looked at the number.




Jared Fraser from Hobart, Australia, embarks on a journey in a motorhome down the legendary American Route 66. Yet, his travels take a couple of unexpected turns from his initial plans. One of which is meeting Ivy, a beautiful hitchhiker. As they spend time together, she captivates Jared and stirs long-dormant emotions within him.

Having recently made the difficult decision to leave her boyfriend, Ivy Bennett is determined start over and find her own happiness. When she unexpectedly crosses paths with Jared, their meeting sets off a chain of events that will test them both in unforeseen ways.

While on this journey, can they both find the strength to let go of their pasts and embrace the possibility of a fresh beginning.

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6 thoughts on “#MFRWHooks “Bigger and shinier was the motto.” #amreading #moviepitch #Netflix #travelling”

    1. Nothing good comes from an unexpected call when you’re on holidays 😉
      Thanks Maggie for stopping by.

    1. Perhaps we went to the wrong places, perhaps we were still jetlagged, but we were glad when we were out of there …

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