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defining moments

by Iris Blobel

As soon as he got to the locker room, he peeled off his T-shirt. Instant pain shot through him as he lifted his right shoulder. He’d been ignoring the twinge during the training session, but he knew he had to have it checked out. The stupid skateboard rider had nearly run him over when he came out of nowhere the previous day. Oliver hadn’t had a chance to move out of the way fast enough and had slammed his shoulder into a post.

Slowly, he stripped out of his track pants and sat on the bench. He grabbed a can of cola out of his bag, chugging down half of the drink as he enjoyed the quietness around him. Everyone else was still out on the field, eager to please Coach Becker. Oliver choked back a laugh, hoping his mates would put Erik in a better mood than he had. The club had a few important games over the next few weeks before the season ended, and for the first time in years they were doing well. He stood and walked to the showers, replaying his training session in his head, unsure whether his shoulder was to blame for the bad hits, or his lack of training. But who was he kidding? He always liked to throw everything he had at people, yet on the flipside he was useless in receiving anything thrown at him. That didn’t just apply to his baseball game but also his life.


Women want him and he wants them…

Pitcher Oliver Dempsey loves playing baseball for a living, yet, when it comes to his private life, ‘love’ is not in his vocabulary. He likes to keep women at an arm’s length … until he meets Tamara. Unprepared for the attraction he feels towards her, he’s drawn in, even more when told by his coach that she’s off limits. And only Oliver can decide whether she’s worth fighting for.

Tamara Amis moved to Melbourne seeking distance from her past. With the help of her uncle, the coach of a baseball club, she quickly finds a job and a place to live. Yet, one meeting with the handsome pitcher Oliver stirs unexpected emotions that threaten to overwhelm her, despite her best efforts to resist falling for him.

It’s Oliver’s injury that brings them together, but as they find out about each other’s pasts, how can they be ready to share a future?

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