#SnippetSunday “Everyone in church stilled.” #Bookish #SportsRomance #PreOrder

Happy Sunday
I continue today with my upcoming release ENTANGLED MOMENTS – book 3 in the Australian Sports Romance series.


Today’s Snippet

Oliver rushed into the room. “Sorry for that.”

“You will be. Trust me, I’ll think of something to muck up your wedding day, too.”

Oliver snorted, but didn’t reply. They looked up when a gentle knock at the door interrupted their conversation and the minister peeked in. “Ready?”

The guys high-fived each other. “Let’s do this,” Tyson said, with a determination that brought another smile to Markus’ face.

They followed the minister into the church and stood in a line in front of the altar. The hushed voices stopped more or less instantly.

The Church of St John’s was packed to the last seat. Markus saw a few familiar faces, like his family, Ty and Oliver’s families, Ty’s football mates and friends, and of course Katie’s mum, family, and friends. He wrung his hands and, just to be a hundred percent certain, he searched his pocket for the rings again, juggling the box at the first note of the loud organ. Everyone in church stilled, and the three friends turned to face the entrance watching the bride walk down the aisle with her father.

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