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defining moments

by Iris Blobel

The sudden ache in his shoulder when he moved the bag, however, reminded him to make that call for a massage appointment. When he hung up, he lifted his eyes and not only found himself in front of the lift but also next to Tamara.

A dozen questions whirled through his head again. How she’d ignored his hand, yet more so, how intrigued he’d been by her stance or even her demeanour towards him. He was about to say something when the lift gave a soft ping and the doors opened. With a small smile, he stepped aside and waited for Tamara to enter first.

“Ground floor?”

Her reply was nothing more than a soft whisper. “Yes, please.”

A thousand things went through his head, yet nothing that could start a conversation. He tilted his head slightly towards her and as he watched her staring at the closing doors, he saw a little flinch.

Or had he imagined it?


Women want him and he wants them…

Pitcher Oliver Dempsey loves playing baseball for a living, yet, when it comes to his private life, ‘love’ is not in his vocabulary. He likes to keep women at an arm’s length … until he meets Tamara. Unprepared for the attraction he feels towards her, he’s drawn in, even more when told by his coach that she’s off limits. And only Oliver can decide whether she’s worth fighting for.

Tamara Amis moved to Melbourne seeking distance from her past. With the help of her uncle, the coach of a baseball club, she quickly finds a job and a place to live. Yet, one meeting with the handsome pitcher Oliver stirs unexpected emotions that threaten to overwhelm her, despite her best efforts to resist falling for him.

It’s Oliver’s injury that brings them together, but as they find out about each other’s pasts, how can they be ready to share a future?

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