#MFRWHook “Yet, she didn’t offer more.” #NewRelease #MFRWAuthor

decisive moments

by Iris Blobel

Her mouth curved into a tentative smile and with some exaggeration she replied, “Yes, I am.”

He frowned, sensing sarcasm in each of these three words. “I suppose I deserve that. Stupid question. I’m sorry.”

Her gorgeous smile did all sorts of things to his insides. “Yes, it was.” Yet, she didn’t offer more.

After a brief, but silent moment, he offered her his hand. “Tyson.”

She ignored it, though. “Nice meeting you, Tyson.”

He chuckled. “This is the part where you’re supposed to tell me your name.” Her sigh was enigmatic as she stared into the distance. Aware of the fine line he was treading here, he contemplated leaving. Yet, a pull towards her, something irresistible, and, yes, some curiosity as to why she sat here early in the morning with a sadness written all over her face didn’t let go of him. The urge to get to know her was growing by the minute. The fact that something was hurting her was obvious by the tears, and everything inside tugged at him to help.


Can their new love survive the return of his past?

With his first year as a pro footballer behind him, ruckman Tyson Gaspaldi meets Katie while on a holiday in a small coastal town. Everything about her intrigues him, and he wants nothing more than to spend some time with her. Once she finds out how he earns his money, though, she hesitates to take whatever it is between them any further.

Katie Cassidy is still overwhelmed by the recent loss of her sister, but a chance encounter with Tyson stirs emotions and a love for life inside her again. However, when Tyson’s ex-girlfriend blindsides both of them, all of Katie’s childhood demons return and she pushes him away.

Will they be able to deal with the ghosts of their pasts and move forward for a chance of a life together?

(The story was previously published as LOVE WILL FIND YOU in 2014. This version has been significantly updated, retitled, and edited.)

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