#SnippetSunday “I can’t stand plain water.” #Sundayblog #readerscommunity

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Happy Sunday
I’ve returned to an old manuscript which I started years and years ago.
The story is about Sadie who’s found her mother’s diary, which will eventually take her on a journey to Germany.
… she’s just landed in Singapore …


Today’s Snippet

And again, I notice how he takes my hand and like an old couple we wander past tired and excited faces. Past countless of little shops and eateries. Until we finally settle on a little café.

The ice tea is soothing as it makes its way down my throat. I’m enjoying the cold drink more than I would’ve thought. All I did during the last flight was drink water, but this… this is… this has taste to it. I order another one.

“Didn’t you get anything to drink during the flight?”

Nodding, I reply. “I did, but I can’t stand plain water.”

Mathias takes a sip of his coffee and then looks at me. It’s the look I’ve got used to over the last, wow, I’ve known him for about four hours now. Quickest date ever. Anyway, he looks at me and I’m glad I’m sitting down, because otherwise, my legs would probably buckle underneath me.

“So Sadie. What makes you go to Frankfurt?”

The waitress comes with my ice tea and I take a sip first before I nonchalantly reply, “Grandma’s diary.”

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