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Happy Sunday
I continue today with my upcoming release ENTANGLED MOMENTS – book 3 in the Australian Sports Romance series.


Today’s Snippet

Katie looked sensational in her strapless dress, but so did Teagan, her friend. Yet, Markus almost lost his breath when his gaze fell on Sarah. He’d known her for as long as he could remember. Of course, he was aware how attractive she was. After all, he wasn’t blind. But today she looked stunning. Katie had tried to explain to him that the bridesmaid dresses were of the colour pale peach with a high neck but shoulder free, a ruched bodice with a layered skirt. He’d had no idea, but now that he saw Sarah wearing the dress, he had to compliment Katie on choosing such a perfect outfit for the girls. They both looked spectacular.

The hairdresser had also done a brilliant job getting Sarah’s wavy dark hair under control, and the make-up, in his judgement as a guy, was spot on, emphasising her beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

Cailyn stole the show, though. Ty’s little niece led the bridal party looking like a little angel in her cream, sleeveless dress, which had a delicate lace top and a tulle skirt. She walked down the aisle while dropping rose petals from a small basket.

Katie took Tyson’s arm, and the minister began the service with a prayer. The ceremony was brief, and Markus stepped forward with the small box holding the rings for the exchange. Emotions like pride and happiness for his friend shot through him, as well as a twinge of envy over his friend’s relationship.

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