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Happy Sunday ♥ I’m sharing a snippet from my book “Tell it to My Heart” (free for KU Subscribers), book 3 in the Alinta Bay series. I have too many things to attend to at the moment, but I will start a new WIP very soon …


Today’s Snippet

“You haven’t called the insurance company yet, have you?”

She shook her head and pulled the wet T-shirt away from her body. “Do I look like I’ve been on the phone? I’ve just cleaned the gutter, which was the reason for the overflow.”

Kristen rolled her eyes. “You do know you’re supposed to clean the gutter before the rain, right?”

“I’m grateful for the coffee. I’m grateful for the croissant. But I’m really not in the mood for any lectures, Kristen.”

Her friend stepped closer and took her into an embrace, despite Molly’s wet clothes. “I’m sorry. I understand. I’m really sorry.” She paused for a second, moved away, and continued. “How about we go inside and attack the situation one step after the other.”

Molly’s shoulders slouched again. “I have no idea what to do.”

“Let’s attack this with a little bit of a plan. I have a day off today, so first, we have the coffee and indulge in the croissants, which are with compliments from Auntie Lisa … then we call the insurance. I brought a few old towels which will probably come in handy. And last, we try to fix as much as we can.”

A surge of hope filled Molly, and suddenly her mind was back in action. “And I’ll call the real estate agent. What’s her name again?”


“Yes. And I’ll ask her for the huge favour to give me the keys for next door.”

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