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I return to my story I started a few weeks back. This is Lexie’s POV again.

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“Mum, Ranger Jesse asked me to come up with a name for him.”
“What a nice thing to ask you,” she replied. “Do you know whether it’s a boy or a girl?”
“Ranger Jesse checked, it’s a boy.”
Lexie sat down next to her daughter on the covered floor as Julie returned with a small bottle of milk. Jesse came back into the room as well with white gloves which he handed her.
“This should help,” he said.
With heat rushing to her face, she met his gaze and thanked him before sliding them on her hands and taking the milk. Chloe placed a kitten on her lap and within seconds Lexie had the small animal drinking. A warm sensation trickled through her as she watched the kitten, listened to her daughter talking to the girls, and occasionally glanced at Jesse who was in and out doing whatever it was Rangers did. It was a comfortable atmosphere, though, and she was pleased how much patience the two girls showed towards Zoe.
“Would you like to come again tomorrow after school?” Julie asked.
Zoe looked expectantly at Lexie. “Can I, Mum?”
“That should be fine.”
The girl screamed in delight and Chloe shushed her kindly. Zoe stilled immediately, apologising to almost every animal individually.
The heavy steps told Lexie that Jesse was back in the room.
Lexie turned, intrigued by his deep, warm voice, loving the constant smile on his lips.
“I’ll be coming here tomorrow again, Ranger Jesse,” Zoe said as quietly as she was able to in her excitement.
“This is great. I’ll make sure we have some afternoon tea for you.” He turned to Lexie. “Any food allergies you two might have?”


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