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Happy Sunday
I continue today with my upcoming release ENTANGLED MOMENTS – book 3 in the Australian Sports Romance series.


Today’s Snippet

Startled, Sarah nearly spilled the drink. Yet, the few simple words and his presence made her feel better already. For as long as she remembered, Markus had called her baby. Initially, it had annoyed her, because she’d been so proud of having finally reached her teenage years, but nowadays …nowadays she revelled in the comfort of their closeness. Tilting her head slightly to meet his gaze, she let out a soft sigh.

He laughed as he placed his arm around her for a little hug. “Want to dance?”

His mouth was so close to her ear, his breath touched her skin as he spoke. A faint shiver trickled down her spine. She’d known Markus for over twenty years, and she couldn’t remember her body ever responding to him like this. The combination of red wine, hangover, and the pain medication was clearly messing with her. After all, they’d shared lunches together at school, went together to movies and concerts, shared heartaches, and they even shared their first kiss celebrating Mark’s thirteen’s birthday. Both decided then and there that it wasn’t for them.

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