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Here’s another snippet from ALINTA BAY where it all began – DEFYING RULES,  Logan’s story. All books in the series are available on KU. Book #1 is only 99c ♥

I have moved forward into Addison’s POV, away from the heavy sadness of the first chapter.


Today’s Snippet

Sunlight poured in through the front windows, brightly illuminating the room. The bookshelf in the corner looked perfect, albeit empty. Again, her gaze moved across the room and down the hall. Her house was filled with boxes in every available spot. Random checks told her that all her belongings were accounted for. But how she had accumulated so much stuff over only a few years living away from her parents was beyond her.

Harry’s words pulled her back from her thoughts. “You’re like your mother. Nothing gets thrown away.”

Chocking back a small laugh, she met her father’s gaze as she placed her arm around her mother. “Apparently, I inherited your blue eyes, the unruly, stubborn black hair, my wit, and not to mention the freckles. About time I find a gene I have from Mum.”



Sometimes one has to break rules in order to find happiness…

Widower Logan Hendrix is puzzled by the recent series of small crimes against his son’s new teacher. It’s a mystery to him, and he offers her his help. There’s an instant attraction, and Logan wants to take their parent/teacher relationship to a more personal level.

It doesn’t take Addison Ryker long to fall in love with Alinta Bay, the small town she’s moved to for her new teaching position at the local primary school. Her newfound haven is threatened, however, when her house is broken into and she is relying on the unbelievably stubborn but very sexy Logan for help. Although captivated by him, Addison worries her career could be compromised, because there are rules about dating a parent.

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