#SnippetSunday “Flirting session is over.” #readerscommunity #WIP #author

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Happy Sunday Today’s snippet starts where we left off last week, Sadie’s reason for travelling to Germany …


Today’s Snippet


“Why?” is all I can say, thinking this is all a bit creepy. “Are you always picking up girls at foreign airports.”

The finger leaves my chin and the smile on his face disappears. Even though I feel guilty of saying what I’ve said, but somehow the word sorry doesn’t want to go past my lips. It’s all a bit of an out-of-this-world experience and I haven’t been able to put the pieces together.

With one smooth motion, he stands up and grabs his bag. “I think it’s time to check in for the Frankfurt flight.”

I get the drift. I stepped on his toes. Flirting session is over. I still don’t feel guilty, because after four, okay five hours now, he was a bit too personal with his choice of words.

Mum’s words come back to me: You’re turning into an old and lonely woman if you don’t move on and forget about David.


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