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♥ Happy Sunday ♥
I’m continuing with my latest WIP which is set near
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.
Enjoy ♥

Lake Tekapo, NZ

She opened another app and called her grandmother.
“Thought I’d better give you a quick call to let you know I have arrived.”
The relief in her grandmother’s voice was obvious by being up a notch. “Oh darling. So good to hear from you. How was the travel?”
“All went well. The flight was smooth and the bus ride here was okay as well.” She thought it was better not to mention that she’d had to walk the last stretch of her journey. Her grandmother had already been worried enough as it was.
“Is it as beautiful as on the pictures you showed me?”
Her mouth curved into a smile. Yes it was. She thought of the sparkling snow on the top of the mountains. “It’s dark here already, but I was able to take a few photos which I’ll send through once we’ll finish the conversation.”
“I can’t wait. Are the owners of the bed and breakfast nice and looking after you?”
Lani threw herself back onto the bed unsure how to respond. She didn’t know whether to tell the truth or not. Her grandmother had worried so much already about her travelling on her own. Never mind that she was twenty five years old.
She heard her granddad in the background. “What was that?”
“Grandpa is being a smarty pants wanting to know whether you’ve already talked to Tobias.”
Lani chuckled, knowing that he hadn’t used the name but a derogative word she’d rather not repeat. “Tell him he’s too impatient, just like Mum used to be. I’ve only just arrived.”
There was a moment of silence, the loss of her mother, her grandmother’s daughter still raw to all of them.
She heard her grandfather in the background again. “You don’t have to meet him. He’s no good.”

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15 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “He’s no good.” #Bookish #Sundayblog #amwriting”

  1. Haha I would say listen to grandpa, he might have a point. It’s fun to travel alone, I’m glad she is having the experiences even if things are never as expected.

  2. Is Grandpa correct, or is he just paranoid? It will be interesting to find out!
    Sorry if this is a duplicate comment. I originally commented using my Facebook account, but WordPress doesn’t seem to like that one today.

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