#SnippetSunday “Our good rapport is back on track.” #Readers #WIP #amwriting

Happy Sunday Today’s snippet starts where we left off last week, Sadie’s reason for travelling to Germany …


Today’s Snippet

Leaning closer to the seats to let the man go past me, I notice the chance to use the ladies’ room.

 “Sorry, but I’ve gotta go,” I say to Toby and then enter the small little cubicle to do my thing.

My visit to the restroom takes a little bit longer as usual, simply because I’m bumping my arms against the wall with every movement. Definitely designed by a man, I curse.

As I wash my hands, I check my image in the mirror and I nearly faint. Not that I’d consider myself vain, but after all, there’s a guy outside, who wants to get to know me better. If he still does, I remind myself. I chuckle and the thought that time will most likely go faster if I have someone to talk to. Toby is nice, and he did apologise, or at least he understood where I was coming from.

I drag my fingers through my hair, to give it a bit of a decent look, lick my lips and take a deep breath before I squeeze my body through the little door.

And my luck, he’s still standing there with a big grin on his face. I’m hoping it’s because of my awkward exit from the toilets and not the way I look.

“I’d love to invite you for a drink he says, but–“

I laugh. “Bad excuse.”

Our good rapport is back on track.


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