#SnippetSunday “Actually, it’s a genuine smile.” #Romancebooks #love #freeread

Happy Sunday
I’ve returned to an old manuscript which I started years and years ago.
The story is about Sadie who’s found her mother’s diary, which will eventually take her on a journey to Germany.
… she’s just landed in Singapore …


Today’s Snippet

“I meet you outside,” the guy from across the aisle says and I try to make eye contact with him.

I just nod, not having enough energy to talk above all the noise. And I add a smile, too. Actually, it’s a genuine smile. I’d love to talk to someone and I’d really like to talk to this guy even more.

I step out of the plane and walk through an eerie tube-looking gate. Initially, I’m a bit overwhelmed by what’s in front of me and all I can think of is: this is Singapore. I take in the details as I follow the crowd, because I have no idea where I’m supposed to go. The travel agent told me to change planes over here, but I guess I should’ve listened more carefully.

It’s obvious to me from after just the few minutes that I’m in a different country and not only because of the language, which seems to be English most of the time, but the atmosphere. It’s different and foreign, and so beautiful with flowers everywhere and calming music. There’s a couch over near a little water fountain and I’m heading straight to it soaking in the hustle of the place.

I startle when I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Hi there.”

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