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Happy Sunday
This will be my last snippet of my latest release ENTANGLED MOMENTS
book 3 in the Australian Sports Romance series . If you bought a copy – THANK YOU … if not, the book is still only 99c.


Today’s Snippet

His mouth curved into a smile. “Baby, no you don’t. The only person deserving something is Timmy. And that’s a big fist connecting with his face.”

She laughed, but regretted it straight away. “Oh, my God, Marky. Don’t make me laugh, please. I have the worst hangover ever. The last glass of the red wine last night didn’t agree with me.”

“You’ve done well fooling everyone today if that’s the case.”

She stared at him. “Do you have any idea what Katie would’ve done to me if I hadn’t performed?”

He laughed, because he probably did. Katie was kind and petite, but knew what she wanted. “How about I take you home? I’m sure this wedding party is near its end and will possibly survive without you.”

“Promise me a hot chocolate?”

His body shook slightly as he held back his laughter. His soft snicker told her he was thinking of their holidays in the Swiss Alps as well.

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10 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “Promise me a hot chocolate?”#Bookrecommendations #Bookish #Romancebooks”

  1. Nice little moment between them. I have to say when I have a migraine ANY food or drink makes my stomach unhappy so I hope the fact she’s talking about hot chocolate means she’s starting to feel better LOL. Great snippet.

    1. Thanks Veronica. I agree, when a migraine hits, nothing goes into the stomach. However, some have their comfort food / drinks that help.

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