#SnippetSunday “That’s your second cup of tea now.” #amreading #Romancenovel #PreOrder

Happy Sunday
I continue today with my upcoming release ENTANGLED MOMENTS – book 3 in the Australian Sports Romance series.


Today’s Snippet

Markus was laughing at one of the guys’ jokes, showing his dimples even from the distance. A foreign sensation crept up within her. It took her a moment to figure out the reason was the blond girl next to him, trying desperately to get his attention. Was Sarah jealous? She’d never been jealous of Markus’ girlfriends before, so why would she be today? Was it her vulnerability because of Timmy and that she’d always felt safe around Markus? Perhaps she didn’t want love, but simply something like security in a relationship. She’d had that from the very first day she’d met him as a kid. With a heavy sigh, she closed her eyes again, knowing that the damn tiredness and hurt were playing with her head.

Her eyes flew open when she heard a faint giggle over the music. Damn, she wished that girl would leave him be.

Exhausted, she squeezed a little lemon into her tea as she watched all the couples on the dance floor.

“Aww, baby, that’s your second cup of tea now. What’s the matter?” Markus pulled another chair close and sat next to her.

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