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Hi everyone – I’m sharing another snippet of my latest book “In the Shadows of a Lie” was released last month. The story is mainly set in New Zealand and available for free on Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy ♥♥

This week’s hook …


by Iris Blobel

Lani watched Dylan leave, still in two minds about him. He’d triggered all kinds of thoughts within her. She visualised his good boy looks with his short blond hair, stunning blue eyes, and yes, she had to admit, a very sexy, impish smile. The blue shirt fit snugly, even untucked over his faded cargo pants. True, she definitely had been the reason for their awkward conversation, and as she rubbed the fatigue out of her eyes, she justified her actions by the fact that she hadn’t expected to come to an empty bed and breakfast without a host. The idea of being on her own in a decent sized house somewhere in New Zealand didn’t fill her with great confidence either, not to mention how much it unnerved. Who could blame her for being somewhat out of sorts? She rubbed her arms and, overcome by frustration, let out a little scream before she headed to the front door to lock it. Who the hell would come this far to steal something? Then again, who wouldn’t? No nosy neighbours to watch the house. She gave another irritated groan, cursing Dylan for putting the seed of worry into her head.


The discovery of her mother’s diaries unravels a secret which sends Lani on a journey to New Zealand …

She lost her mother in an accident. Now, Lani Dekker is determined to meet the man who, according to her mother’s diaries, is her father. He’s not what she expected, a bit on the extravagant side, but she soon warms up to him, thanks no less to Dylan, her father’s neighbour. Despite her attraction to Dylan, she can’t figure out whether he’s a friend or foe.

Dylan Harper is merely going through the daily motions after his wife died in a ski crash. That is, until his life is turned upside down by the arrival of his neighbour’s daughter. Their attraction is instant, even more so when they wake up in the same bed after an earthquake. However, it’s her accusation that his interest in her involves her father’s money rather than their mutual magnetism that derails their newfound bond.

Will finding the truth about her parents be a chance for Lani and Dylan to overcome their differences?

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