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Happy Sunday ♥ I’m sharing a snippet from my book “Tell it to My Heart” (free for KU Subscribers), book 3 in the Alinta Bay series. I have too many things to attend to at the moment, but I will start a new WIP very soon …


Today’s Snippet

“Why?” Kristen wanted to know.

“I might be able to stay there for the next couple of days,” Molly explained. “At least until the house goes on the market. The lovely Mrs. Fielding passed away two days ago. I’m sure it’ll take a while until people get the house on the market. Gives me enough time to find someone to fix this house.”

She took a sip of a coffee, taking in the rich flavour on her tongue and enjoying the way it warmed her up. The warmth spreading through her body was a comfort as well.

Bewilderment spread across Kristen’s face. “You can’t just stay at the stranger’s house, especially not somebody who has just died.”

Molly thought about it for a moment before she hitched one shoulder in a shrug. “Worth a try.” She took a big bite of the croissant and with a full mouth, she murmured, “I miss her.”

“Eliza Fielding?”

Molly nodded.

Kristen patted Molly’s hand. “How are you holding up?”

Another shrug. “I’m trying not to give in to the memories, but sometimes it’s really hard. I miss my little family.” She swiped her hand across her eyes and stood. “We’d better get moving before it gets too hot.”

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