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I started this story a few weeks ago and I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I’m not sure where it’s heading, so any comments / critique is more than welcomed. Today, we get to know “the Park Ranger” a little more.

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Jesse Parker dragged his hand through his hair. There had been so many things wrong with the situation in front of him. The fact that the young girl had stopped him in the middle of nowhere didn’t sit well with him, but on the flipside, he was glad she had, because organising a search party wouldn’t have been on his favourite things to do for a Friday afternoon either. God knows if anybody had noticed that they’d been gone for a while, considering they were new in town. He made a mental note to ask Melody about the two. She’d given them the directions to the Cook Waterfall carpark, he was sure she’d know a little more about them.
And then there was the mother, who despite the shortage of breath and the obvious lack of fitness did something to him, he wasn’t sure how to handle or even interpret.The mother. He didn’t even know her name.
Holding out his hand, he said, “Jesse Parker. Nice meeting you.”
She looked up at him and a slow smile spread across her face, but she ignored his hand. “Nice meeting you, too. More than nice, if I may say so. I’m Lexie and this is my daughter Zoe.”
Sliding his hand into his pants pocket, he turned to look at Zoe. “I’m not lecturing you, but please promise me not making a habit out of stopping strange cars.”
The girl nodded enthusiastically. “Promise.”
“Okay. Let’s get this roadkill off the road and then get you back to your car.”


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